Booking for our Ranchi residential plots is ongoing, and we have two upcoming projects - 'Green City' in Ranchi and 'City Vista' in Dhanbad, both focused on residential plots.

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Ranchi, Anchal- Nagri

Prime Location

This plot is situated at a prime location

Promising investment

This plot offers potential for substantial business profits and a quick return on investment

Multifaceted Land Use Options

This land provides diverse possibilities, including residential development, commercial spaces, agriculture, entertainment zones, industrial use, educational facilities, healthcare amenities, and mixed-use development.

Plots Detail

Features of these splendid plots

Strategic Location:- These plots are strategically located for your convenience, providing easy access to nearby amenities and services.

Well-managed Area:- These plots are strategically located for your convenience, providing easy access to nearby amenities and services.

Superb Transport:- With 20 feet roads, transportation is never a hassle, ensuring hassle-free commuting to and from your plot.

Prime Location:- These plots are situated in a prime location where better facilities and provisions are easily accessible. Additionally, schools, colleges, hospitals, police stations, district offices, temples, and markets are all nearby.

Varied Plot Sizes:- Plot sizes range from 5 to 10 decimal land, making it an excellent location for various types of investments.

High Returns:- These investment plots provide high returns in the short term, making them a profitable investment opportunity.

Water Availability:- The water table beneath this land is suitable for borewell, eliminating the need for deep boring.

Electricity Availability:- Electricity for residential and commercial use is easily available on these properties.

Quality Soil:- The soil on these plots is suitable for construction, allowing for various structures to be built.

Multi-Purpose Land:- These plots can be used for residential, commercial, agricultural, recreational, industrial, educational, healthcare, and mixed-use development purposes.

Distances from the plot to some key locations


Proximity of the plot to key locations

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asked questions


Yes, the documents related to the purchase of this plots and the legal ownership process are provided clearly and easily.

Yes, it falls under the category of General Land with no restrictions or claims, commonly known as CNT (Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act) Free Land in simple terms.

Yes, there are local amenities near the plot such as schools, colleges, hospitals, police station, district office, banks, temples, shopping centers, and sports facilities that can be convenient for you and enhance your convenience.

Yes, this plot has good road access, and the distance from the national highway is very short. The groundwater level below the land is suitable for boring, eliminating the need for deep boring.

We have plots ranging from 5 to 10 decimals available. You can choose according to your requirements and investment plans.

The price of this plot is 410,000 rupees per decimal, but the actual prices will depend on the buyer’s needs, priorities, location, and market conditions.

Yes, a loan can be provided for this plot by the bank based on its nature and documentation.

One decimal of land is approximately equal to 435.6 square feet.

Yes, this plot can be developed for various purposes, such as residential, commercial, agricultural, recreational, industrial, educational, health, and mixed-use development.

Yes, typically, the property value can appreciate over time, potentially offering a good return on investment

Upcoming Project

'Green City' in Ranchi and 'City Vista' in Dhanbad

‘Green City’ in Ranchi

Green City
Upcoming Project


City Vista’ in Dhanbad

City Vista
Upcoming Project



Gated Society

Our upcoming project will be a secure gated Society for your safety and tranquility.


Residential Plots

The upcoming project will be a fully residential project offering plots.


Varying plot sizes

The project will offer a range of plot sizes, varying from 3 to 20 decimals.

Symbol Electricity Yellow

Electricity connections

Our upcoming project will be a secure gated society with included electricity connections.

Lock Security Guard Web Icon


Our upcoming project will be a gated society with dedicated security

Approved Folder Vertical


Our upcoming project will be a RERA-approved

Brick Wall

Boundary walls

The upcoming project will feature boundary walls surrounding the plots.

Concrete Pipes

Drainage system

Our upcoming project will boast a meticulously planned drainage system.


Bank Loan

Our plots come with documentation support for your financial loan needs.

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